Find The Clubhouse

Finding the Steel City ARC club house can be a little tricky. You can use the Google map directions to find how to get from your house to the area. Below are images of the tuns you will need to make as you get closer to the clubhouse.  If you get stuck fill free to give us an call on our 2 meter frequency 147.030 Mhz FM PL 123 or give us a call on our phone 412-787-0777.

Street Address:
208 McMichael Road
Carnegie, Pa, 15106 U.S.A


Google Maps Directions

 Click on images to see a full size picture

East Bound on Parkway

West Bound On Parkway

Take the Ridge Road Exit off the Parkway West. At the end of the ramp make a right turn onto Ridge Road. After the turn you want to be in the left lane for the stop light. Take the Cambells Run Road Exit off the Parkway West. At the end of the ramp turn left onto Cambells Run road.  Go a short distant to the stop sign.
At the stop light be in the left lane and continue on Ridge Road though the County Settlers Ridge park. At the stop sign turn left onto Boyce road and go under the Parkway West. The road will bear right you will continue straight up the hill on Boyce road.
Once out of the park will will come up to a 4-way stop sign.  Turn right onto Cowan Road at this point. At the top of the hill you will come up to an 4-way stop sign.  Go straight though the stop sign and at this point you will be on Cowan Road.
A short distant on Cowan road you will come up to an “Y” in the road.  Bear to the left at the “Y” to get on McMichael Road.

Look for our new street sign. This is on McMichael Rd at the bottom of our driveway. The sign will be showing our logo or if its in stealth mode it will only show our “208 McMichael Rd” address.  If you coming the back way the blue sign only show our house number “208” due to it mostly being blocked by shrubs.

Once your on McMichael Rd the road will bear to the right.  Do not take the two small roads on your left instead look for the concrete driveway that goes up the hill.  Next to the driveway there is a 4×4 wood post with our street number “208” on it.
Go straight up the hill on the concrete driveway near the top it gets rough so slow down over that section.  The driveway will then turn right and goes past the cell site. In front of you will be the Steel City Clubhouse.

Welcome to the Steel City Club House.