Drake TR-4C

The Drake TR-4C is an HF amateur band transceiver covering 80 through 10 meters (some sources say 160-10 m) in seven 600 kHz ranges. Modes include USB, LSB, CW and AM. Input power is 300 watts PEP SSB, 260 watts AM/SSB. The accurate VFO provides 1 kHz analog dial. VOX or PTT may be selected. Other refinements include: CW side tone oscillator, crystal calibrator, VFO indicator light, CW semi break-in, VOX or PTT for AM or SSB, heavy irritated cadmium plated chassis, separate USB and LSB filters and 1.7:1 filter shape factor. The right panel has various jacks including: headphones, mic and key.

 General characteristics

HAM bands
80m  40m  20m  15m  10m
Frequency stability
Overall drift after warm-up: less than 100 Hz


80-10 m (no WARC)
AM   CW   USB   LSB 
<0,5 µV (10 dB S+N/N)
2.1 kHz (-6 dB)
3.6 kHz (-60 dB)
Receiver system
1st: 9 MHz
Image rejection
> 60 dB


80-10 m (no WARC)
AM   CW   USB   LSB 
SSB: 300 W PEP, AM: 260 W PEP (both input)
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