Pittsburgher Goes To Space

Woody Hoburg is a Pittsburgh native and ham radio operator KB3HTZ is heading to space very early Monday morning. { 1:45 AM }  He is the pilot aboard SpaceX Crew-6 Dragon Spaceship. He will be spending the next 6 month on board the International Space Station keeping busy doing science work.   I got to know Woody from the Tripoli Rocket Assc. and its Pittsburgh chapter, his father had to get certified just so Woody could fly the big rockets since at the time he was under age. The group now has a Junior program due to the success Woody had.  I had the privilege of being the Prefect {safety officer} of the group when he went for his level 3 certification flight at our tiny field, it was something to see that huge flag rocket in our small field. God Speed Woody and have some fun flying into space.


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