CompuServe Historical Status

Editors Note: CompuServe Ham Radio forums were one of the first social media locations where ham radio operators could hang out together and exchange information.  Personally sent my first Internet email via CompuServe about the Oscar-Dove 17 satellite. 

A central Ohio building that once served as the global headquarters for CompuServe has been recognized with historic marker status by the state.

At its height in the 1990’s, the pioneering tech company — one of the first to offer commercial internet services — was known by the public for online forums that offered news, message boards and data file transfers. The firm also introduced the GIF image format back in 1987.

“This may be the first historical marker about the internet. Most history is not recognized and celebrated in your lifetime, but this is and its really special,” said Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted at a dedication event featuring state officials and former CompuServe CEO Jeff Wilkins. “Today we have a vibrant, growing tech economy in the state of Ohio. And it began right here.”

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