Lewis & Clark On The Air


SCARC as we kick off the 3rd year of the National Special Event – Lewis & Clark On The Air!  Steel City ARC will be representing the state of Pennsylvania as one the the 16 states following the Lewis & Clark trail across the nation.  Work all 16 states and you can get some great wall paper to show your accomplishment. Check out the LCOTA website for more information and all the other club that will be assigned to each state.  Also click on “Find an Activator” to find out when SCARC will be operating.

AD3AA - Lee R RiceN3LRG - Christine H Rial
KA3JKS - Susan E RakieczN3WMI - Neil A McGee
KC3APT - John W KeaneNN3X - Seth A Szymanski
KC3SZH - Sean E LangfordNU3Q - Robert J Mente
KC3WHX - Paul R BarbourW3AIG - Craig M Moran
KR3DX - Dennis B HerbuhWA3PYU - Michael P King
N3GHO - Gloria A ChildWA3VXJ - Karl F Pastorak
N3KAC - Theodore R Zeigler, JrWA3YER - David J Croyle

To Check On Your Progress & Certificate


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