FCC Set New License Application Fee $35

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After reviewing the record, including the extensive comments filed by amateur radio licensees and based on our revised analysis of the cost of processing mostly automated processes discussed in our methodology section, we adopt a $35 application fee, a lower application fee than the Commission proposed in the NPRM for personal licenses, in recognition of the fact that the application process is mostly automated.[1]

We adopt the proposal from the NPRM to assess no additional application fee for minor modifications or administrative updates, which also are highly automated.  Also, consistent with our decision for site-based applications, we do not adopt a fee for amendments.  We find that it would difficult to calculate identifiable direct costs beyond those included in the calculation of the underlying license application fee adopted for personal license services.  If, in the future, we are able to calculate an

[1] See, e.g., several other applications, such as for license renewal and spectrum leasing in the site-based category, that are largely automated and now have $35 fees.

  1. identifiable direct cost for such filings, beyond what is included in underlying license fee, we may revisit this issue. We also decline to adopt a fee for instances where an applicant elects to receive a physical license by mail (including requests for a duplicate license), because the Commission has adopted an order eliminating such printing and mailing services.[1]
  2. We adopt the fees, as set forth in the table. All fees are per call sign unless otherwise noted.

[1] See E-Licensing Order, 35 FCC Rcd 10781.

Type of Personal License Application New Fee
New license $35
Special temporary authority $35
Rule waiver $35
Renewal $35
Vanity Call Sign (Amateur Radio Service) $35
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