Update: Tonight Business Meeting

Hello Members,
Tonight’s business meeting is strictly a home zoom meeting.  I will not be at the club house nor will be supporting anyone going to the club house. If you cant or wont do a zoom call please meet up with a fellow club member and see if you can go to their house.  Or use the phone in option that is at the bottom of that email. The driveway is still covered in snow and there not a lot of parking since the parking lot has a lot of big piles of snow on it.

By now all members and new members should have received and email with a zoom link in it.  If you have not gotten the link please email  at n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com.  If you are sponsoring a new member please make sure they got the link to the meeting.  We should have several new member readings tonight.

Again I will be starting the zoom call at 7:45 to let people get settle so that we can start promptly at 8:00 PM.  We have a lot to cover for the up coming 2022 year!
Christine, N3LRG

Jan Business Meeting – Jan 18th

Steel City ARC
January Business Meeting
Jan 18th 8:00 PM

Hello Members and pending members this January meeting will take place via zoom only.  It will begin at 8:00 PM Tuesday evening.  Nothing will be done at the club house {if you could even get up the hill} A link to the Zoom meeting will be sent out Tuesday morning.  If there a new member or someone that not on the email list please send me their email and I will include them in the link broadcast. If your sponsoring a new member please make sure they get these emails… If a member is requesting funds for a project please send them to me before the meeting.  We will be going over what we have plan for 2022.  If you would like to request another event please let me know before the meeting.

Some of the agenda items to be covered:
Winter Field Day: Jan 29&30
Raccoon 100 mile race & 4 checkpoints: March 19-20
Lewis & Clark Special Event:  June 4-19
Field Day: June 25
Picnic? Aug?

Look for the link to the meeting Tuesday Morning…

Virtual Class – Tech License

The Red Cross, Greater PA Region, Emergency Communications (I.E. EMCOMM) Chapter Leads and team members will be offering a virtual class to study for their FCC Amateur Radio “Technician” license. This is the first and entry level license for amateur radio.
Amateur radio is used at Red Cross Chapters within the Red Cross to communicate during a disaster response, when cell phones, internet and other commercial communication infrastructure is impaired or unavailable. Amateur radio is also used to support communications during community service events, marathon races, community emergencies, etc.
The seven-week virtual class will begin on January 5, 2022, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm and be held on Wednesday evenings. We will be using the Gordon West student book available on Amazon for approximately $22. Details on ordering the book and other details of the class will be sent to the students after they register. The book is not required, but we highly recommend it as a study guide. The class is limited to 30, so do not delay in signing up for the class.
To register, please contact: Dave.Herzog@RedCross.org

Business Meeting Tuesday Dec 21

Steel City

Business Meeting

Hello Members & New Members:
Just a friendly reminder that this coming Tuesday December 21st at 8:00 PM the Steel City Amateur Radio Club will be holding their business meeting via Zoom. The official link to the Zoom meeting will be sent via this email on Tuesday morning. So please check your email to make sure you got the link. If you have not received the email by Noon that day please email at n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com.
So plug in your webcam’s and microphone’s and get ready for the meeting. If you have never use Zoom before just click on the link in the email and that link will check to see if you have the program installed if not it will install it for you. Just follow the links that pop up. If you haven’t use Zoom in a while you might want to click on the link a little early since they do updates on the software and your copy might be old. I will try to start the feed around 7:45 PM.
If you know of a new members that didn’t get this email or wants to join the club please give them my email n3lrg {at} w3kwh {dit} com so I can make sure they get the link too.
Thank you,
Christine N3LRG
President SCARC
If a new members didnt get my email on Friday night please sent me a email at the above address to be included. NO links will be sent via Facebook. If you thinking of joining the Steel City ARC club again just send me a email.

SKYWARN Recognition Day


SKYWARN Recognition Day – acknowledges the contributions of public service volunteers who provide essential weather information as it’s happening. Each year on the first Saturday in December, the day honors those volunteers who pay attention when the wind picks up, or the sky turns dark. Their efforts keep their communities safer by communication warnings to the National Weather Service.

The observance recognizes the vital public service contributions that Amateur Radio operators make during National Weather Service severe weather warning operations. It also strengthens the bond between Amateur Radio operators and the local National Weather Service.

Around the country, nearly 290,000 Skywarn® weather spotters volunteer their time. They identify severe weather that could potentially affect life and property. Spotters warn the National Weather Service of the threat of thunderstorms, tornados, and floods.

12-2 PM    December 4th

W3KWH Operations At The Club

12:00 to 2:00 PM on Saturday is our assigned time slot to operate HF from the clubhouse.  We will be needing operators during that time slot to operate!  Members and pending members are invited to attend. Techs will be allowed to operate on HF due to control ops being present.

NU3Q plans to be at the club for the event on Friday night 12/3 for about two hours and Saturday morning 12/4. We need operators to cover the afternoon and evening shifts on Saturday and to assist NU3Q while he is at the club. We will use the following: “This is W3KWH for WX3PIT Skywarn Recognition Day”. Please keep a log of your W3KWH QSO’s – NU3Q will submit the W3KWH QSO’s to the NWS.

More Information:

SKYWARN Recognition Day Operating Instructions

1. Object SKYWARNTM Recognition Day serves to celebrate the contributions to public safety made by amateur radio operators Skywarn Spotters during threatening weather.

  • Amateur stations to exchange QSO information with as many National Weather Service Stations as possible on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, and 2 meter bands plus the 70 centimeter band. Contacts via repeaters are permitted.
  • Non-Amateur Radio Spotters to exchange weather information as often as possible via Social Media with NWS Offices.

2. Date NWS stations may operate at any time during December 5, 2020 from 0000 – 2400 UTC.

3. Exchange: Call sign, signal report, QTH, and a one or two word description of the weather occurring at your site (“sunny”, “partly cloudy”, “windy”, etc.).

4. Modes: NWS stations will work various modes including SSB, FM, AM, RTTY, CW, and PSK31. While working digital modes, special event stations will append “NWS” to their call sign (e.g., N0A/NWS). NWS offices may also participate via Social Media platforms throughout the 24 hour period.

5.Station Control Operator: It is suggested that during SRD operations a non-NWS volunteer should serve as a control operator for your station.

6. Event and QSL Information: The National Weather Service will provide event information via the internet. Event certificates will once again be electronic and printable from the main website after the conclusion of SRD.

VE Testing Session

VE Testing Session
Wednesday Nov 17h @ 7:00 PM

Last session before the snow fly’s! People interested in getting your Ham Ticket or Upgrading your ticket should check out our VE testing page https://w3kwh.com/ve-testing/ While walk in are allowed it is highly recommended to contact of VE Chairperson Chris, K3PQ to let him know your coming. That way your guarantee there will be testing material for you. Chris can be reached at K3PQ {at} W3KWH {dit} COM – (412) 259-3319

Business Meeting Tue Nov 16th @ 8:00PM

Business Meeting
Tuesday Nov 16th @ 8:00 PM

This will be an indoor meeting at the club house.  No food will be supplied if you want to bring a snack for everyone that is acceptable. If you want an item added to the agenda please email the request to N3LRG.

Social Meeting starts at 7:00 PM  – Topic for this social meeting is portable antenna’s for Parks on the Air, Summit on the Air.  Bring in your portable setups and let see how you can operate in the portable modes.

Business Meeting will start promptly at 8:00 PM


{{  If the weather changes for the worst the meeting will be moved to an Zoom Meeting.  Please check the website/email before traveling up to the club.  }}

147.09 Skywarn Net

National Weather Service Live Updates: https://twitter.com/NWSPittsburgh

As you already know, Ida will be in the area Tuesday night into Wednesday night. I will need ops to assist me with our 147.09 Skywarn net as heavy flooding is a very strong possibility. I would suggest changing batteries and getting radios into an operational state of readiness at this time.

73 de NU3Q
Allegheny County EC

Hurricane Watch Net – All hands on deck

As Hurricane Ida moves into the Gulf of Mexico drawing a bead on New Orleans, the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) is ramping up preparations to track the storm during its approach.

“Sunday will be an “all hands on deck” situation for members of the HWN,” HWN Manager Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, said on Friday. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says a hurricane warning is in effect for Intracoastal City, Louisiana (Vermilion Parish), to the Mouth of the Pearl River as well as for Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and Metropolitan New Orleans.

As of 1200 UTC on Saturday, Ida was some 440 south-southeast of New Orleans, with maximum sustained winds of 85 MPH — Category 1 — moving to the northwest at 16 MPH. The NHC says Ida is expected to rapidly intensify as it moves over the southeastern and central Gulf of Mexico through Saturday night. “Ida is expected to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane when it approaches the northern Gulf coast on Sunday,” the NHC forecast says. Given the abundance of warm water in the Gulf, Ida could become a Category 3 or even a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 120 to 140 MPH with higher gusts, according to some predictions.

Graves said on Friday afternoon that he was placing the HWN on “standby alert,” which typically means that a hurricane is expected to affect land within the next 48 hours. Given the forecast, “I don’t want to be sorry,” Graves said.

The net will activate on Saturday at 2100 UTC on 14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz. “Propagation on 20 meters has been goofy lately, so the band could close early or it may remain open well past sunset,” Graves said. “No matter, we will suspend operations at 0000 UTC.”

The Saturday activation will allow the net to line up reporting stations in the affected area as well as any storm shelters, emergency operations centers, and first responders who feel they could use the net’s assistance, Graves explained.

“Remember, Ida is forecast to be a major hurricane hitting a highly populated area. It will affect both Louisiana and Mississippi,” Graves said, noting that Louisiana was hit by hurricanes three times last year. Storm surge and heavy rain are forecast.

The HWN invites participating stations that can provide observed or measured ground-truth data from affected areas to assist National Hurricane Center forecasters.

Hurricane Watch Net: https://www.hwn.org/