Field Day 2022 Photos

Steel City Members @ Dayton 2022

I am posting pictures as I get them.  So check back frequently for more and new photos.

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Winter Storm 2022

The winter of 2022 was quite an adventure.  On Feb 3, 2022 an ice storm took out our Verizon line loosing Internet for 4 days.  Here are the images of the storm and the recovery process.

Winter Field Day 2022

Picnic Photos

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Thanks to John, KC3MMC for taking some pictures during our big celebration.

2010-2020 Old Time Picture Gallery

Today I move some photo into our “Old Time Pictures” page.  These are some of the pictures from the club from 2010 through 2020.  It is interesting to see how the club membership has changed over the years.  And how our equipment has changed too from Tandy Model 100 laptops to today Windows PC. If you have additional photos you would like to see be included please send them to me.

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Steel City at Skyview

Some of the members got invited up to the Skyview Radio Socieity reopening from a year long COVID shutdown.  We got to match a lot of callsign to people faces.

Hex Beam down for repair

Special thanks goes to new members Mich and Bill and their amazing truck at helping us take down the broke Hex Beam on the far tower. It was first quite a task getting it off the tower and a even bigger task of just lowering it down since it was tangle with the tower.   All parts have been separated out and examine we do have 2 broken fiberglass segments.

Also using another one of Mick’s truck to work on the 440 repeater tower.  We had to restrung the wire rope the proper way and mange to get the antenna about 10 ft higher. I seem to be getting out even better now.