Two Repeater Is Back UP

Two Repeater Is Back Up

I have turn the repeater back on again.  So far the 2m repeater is behaving and Echolink is confirm to be working again.  If you see or hear any issues please email to let the tech team know what going on.

On a side note the two meter net that was on our 440 machine was lightly attended.  Do you have the 440 machine programmed into all your radios?  Remember the UHF machine is always our back up machine.  The 440 machine is a DUAL MODE repeater it can handle C4FM and FM modes.  You can use it like any other FM repeater.  So make sure you program 444.450 Mhz + with an PL of 103.5.  {Remember to turn on the T-SQL so you wont be bug by the digital signal}  And if you have an digital radio program it again for 444.450 Mhz + C4FM to let you switch between modes easily. During any nets the link to the Keystone Room will be turn off.

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